3: The Future of Gender

In this episode we speak to Dr. Rob Sparrow about the ethical and philosophical consequences of using medical technology to choose the gender of babies. We also speak to Pat, who is currently undergoing gender transition, about how this process has changed his conception of a personal future.  

2: The Future of Transference

What do Tony Soprano, the Greek myth of Pygmalion and Artificial Intelligence have in common? In this episode we explore the idea of transference, how humans have forever projected themselves on to non-human objects. We speak to Prof. Leon Sterling about how we continue to do this with our computers and robots.

1: The Future of Language

Contemporary American poet Kenneth Goldsmith woke up one morning and decided to re-type a complete edition of the New York Times. A year and a half later, he was done. He calls this practice "uncreative writing", and he believes that it can help us understand how writers will use language in the future.